Sunday, February 28, 2010

During the first week of this class we posted writing assessment onto why we choose the degree program we are in. I mention I want to be a successful business owner. As a business owner communication is very critical if you want to be successful. I could have enumerated all the highlight of our books just to answer Ms Jennings question but that will be just pure academics.

Although I learned a lot of simplification and wordiness in a paragraph, the best that I absorbed from this class is about the tone of how you write. You might not hear the words that are being read, but it impacts on how the reader perception regarding the author. In this “tone”, you can identify what kind of person is the author.

My performance did meet or exceed my own expectation. Nobody could understand my first draft of my research paper, and with peer group review and wonderful critique, I was able to turn it around and make every one in my peer group understand what I am talking about in my research.

If I have to take this class again, I will definitely make sure that I will follow all the assignment instruction, because some of them, I fail to analyze it correctly. Finally, I think I have shown enough development to achieve a grade of “A” for trying my best.

Monday, February 15, 2010

ENG240 2nd week update

To date, my concept of explaining things have changed. I always believed that the more words that I used to describe anything are better. But this week I learn about wordiness and how to simplify sentences benefit the communication. By fewer words to digest and understand, the communication will actually flow faster and more efficient.

Well, another part of this week is my research paper. I am having a hard time finding resources to back my research. This research was harder than I thought. Maybe, the research is not reported yet?

Oh discussion #8 was funny and Euphemism is actually part of our lives especially this era. You better not offend somebody otherwise they might just sue you. Sad to say, I’m guilty of that too. I'm sensitive to anything that tries to make fun of the job that helps me and my family stays alive. Military help me bring food on the table, pays rent, and become part of an organization that is so called superpower. Help those oppress and put safety to people that don't even appreciate freedom and to some it’s idiotic and soooooooo funny. But when something went wrong about security and bad guys need to be dealt with, the first thing they blame is the Military. All I can ask is to give them a break guys, please don't generalized things that apply to one person’s mistake. We benefit from their service. They volunteer to serve; we are no longer in the age of being drafted. And if you think you are better than them? Then by all means join them, they might just need you. Maybe you won’t falter when bullets are flying over your shoulders and.....OK.OK. I will shut up now.

And one last thing. Hope you get well soon Professor.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Week 1 - Writing Assessment
As a young kid, I was exposed into business and from there on I was really interested in owning a successful business. Work on my own time and able to direct a crew. I grew up with nothing so the dream is hard to accomplish. Migrating here in the states is due to my father’s sacrifice in fighting the Korean and Japanese war side by side with the American. He was granted to migrate in the states and was able to bring us here. I started my Business Administration degree program back in my country; I was able to finish my 3rd year when I heard that I was coming to US. So for awhile my college education was stop to pave way into my new life here.
I work as a computer operator in Torrance working with a wonderful person who owns a small business. After two years I heard the calling of sailing the seven seas. I join the Navy and went around the world. I saw the Caribbean, Panama Canal, South America, multiple port of Mexico, North, South, East, and west part of Australia, visited various port in the western pacific. I met a lot of business man and woman, and my dream was then again revive. Unfortunately, being on a Ship does not give me the opportunity to continue my college degree. I tried my chances on shore, but was side tract by the trend of becoming Computer Administrator. I finished up my associate in Computer Science but that was not enough to propel me in becoming successful business man.
I restarted my Business degree with National University. I gave them my evaluated transcript and they accepted most of them. But I have to redo most of the major classes and some of the minor classes. To date I have completed 119 units from my previous colleges, 60 units from my associates, and 42 here in National University. I still have 7 months to go before achieving the first step to my dream. I know achieving this degree will provide me a great opportunity not only as an employee but also in becoming a business owner. Although it’s taking me years to finish the process of getting a degree, I know in the end I will be very happy and satisfied because I know the work that went through it is not ordinary. With the help of my wonderful wife, we have been battling this schedule one month at a time.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Summary/Critique #1

Summary/Critique of Super Size your child by Richard Hayes

The author is talking about how giving us a way to chose what characteristic our child will be. He talk about the discovery of the 5-HTT for reducing the risk of depression and the DAF-2 gene variant which double the life span of nematode worm which if successfully applied to human will double our life span. He also discusses some gene manipulation in order to increase IQ or the determination of “gay genes”. The author cited numerous groups against gene manipulations. The involvement of the law prohibited this kind of technology to go further and out of control.
The author presented factual reports from scientific magazines. He pointed out the different scientists who discovered gene variants that can be manipulated or altered to make our children perfect. The author also uses terms that are directly related to genes and DNA’s that are known to affect the focus of the discovery. The author pointed out that the responses on these discoveries are impossible and inevitable. Due to the involvement of government, his reflection says that it is possible and definitely not inevitable. Hayes also empowers his essay by making us aware of the consequence if we are to genetically engineer our children. It would be again a separation of master and slave, or perfect and imperfect, normal and altered.
The author did not present the good side of this discoveries and science research, which is the initial reason of finding cure for cancer and preventing physical characteristics that can disadvantage a child. This will at least address the prevention of child being born without a complete limb or having some kind of hereditary disease. He forgot to mention the positive advantage of stem cell research to prevent diseases like Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer’s disease to name a few.
The author essay talks a lot of gene manipulations and the effect to our community, people and laws. The author opposes with genetically engineered babies. There are always good and bad sides of every discovery.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

My Topic Selection

Problem at:


1. Leadership in Customer Service section.
2. Leadership in the organization as a whole.
3. Electronic Customer service.

Major Field of Study;

1. Time constraints.
2. Job interfere with study.
3. Hard to practice.


1. Expensive tuition.
2. English Subject getting hard.
3. Online class getting harder to attend.

Your Local neighborhood;

1. Hard to read signs (Language barrier).
2. Hard to talk to locals.
3. Airfare is expensive to go back home at Cali.

Your Hobbies or interest;

1. I miss my car (Car enthusiast), Cannot have car hobby.
2. I want to travel but airfare is too expensive.
3. School interfere with hobby.

News or current events;

1. News sometimes hard to come, only tidbits at a time, relying on the internet.
2. Only one station on the radio.
3. No local news from my state of Cali.

Things that “bug” you.

1. Want to finish college, but time, money, and concentration is hard to come-by.
2. If I go back to mainland US, after I graduate, would I get a job.
3. Why NU is not AACSB accredited.

I am gearing towards Electronic Customer Service since I think that where my Job is going so I really can talk a little about it, since it is becoming a trend in today's businesses. But any comments or suggestion is welcome.

Monday, February 1, 2010

New day, New Venture, New Course! ENG240

Oh well!!! Hello there. This is my first blogsite. Please be nice OK. To all you wonderful people, I am so excited and hope that I can learn to effectively argue with all of you. Just kidding hahaha.