Monday, February 8, 2010

Week 1 - Writing Assessment
As a young kid, I was exposed into business and from there on I was really interested in owning a successful business. Work on my own time and able to direct a crew. I grew up with nothing so the dream is hard to accomplish. Migrating here in the states is due to my father’s sacrifice in fighting the Korean and Japanese war side by side with the American. He was granted to migrate in the states and was able to bring us here. I started my Business Administration degree program back in my country; I was able to finish my 3rd year when I heard that I was coming to US. So for awhile my college education was stop to pave way into my new life here.
I work as a computer operator in Torrance working with a wonderful person who owns a small business. After two years I heard the calling of sailing the seven seas. I join the Navy and went around the world. I saw the Caribbean, Panama Canal, South America, multiple port of Mexico, North, South, East, and west part of Australia, visited various port in the western pacific. I met a lot of business man and woman, and my dream was then again revive. Unfortunately, being on a Ship does not give me the opportunity to continue my college degree. I tried my chances on shore, but was side tract by the trend of becoming Computer Administrator. I finished up my associate in Computer Science but that was not enough to propel me in becoming successful business man.
I restarted my Business degree with National University. I gave them my evaluated transcript and they accepted most of them. But I have to redo most of the major classes and some of the minor classes. To date I have completed 119 units from my previous colleges, 60 units from my associates, and 42 here in National University. I still have 7 months to go before achieving the first step to my dream. I know achieving this degree will provide me a great opportunity not only as an employee but also in becoming a business owner. Although it’s taking me years to finish the process of getting a degree, I know in the end I will be very happy and satisfied because I know the work that went through it is not ordinary. With the help of my wonderful wife, we have been battling this schedule one month at a time.

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  1. Abner, thank you for posting such a thorough submission about your experiences and goals. You have done some fine work here, and I am looking forward to reading your work over the next few weeks.