Wednesday, February 3, 2010

My Topic Selection

Problem at:


1. Leadership in Customer Service section.
2. Leadership in the organization as a whole.
3. Electronic Customer service.

Major Field of Study;

1. Time constraints.
2. Job interfere with study.
3. Hard to practice.


1. Expensive tuition.
2. English Subject getting hard.
3. Online class getting harder to attend.

Your Local neighborhood;

1. Hard to read signs (Language barrier).
2. Hard to talk to locals.
3. Airfare is expensive to go back home at Cali.

Your Hobbies or interest;

1. I miss my car (Car enthusiast), Cannot have car hobby.
2. I want to travel but airfare is too expensive.
3. School interfere with hobby.

News or current events;

1. News sometimes hard to come, only tidbits at a time, relying on the internet.
2. Only one station on the radio.
3. No local news from my state of Cali.

Things that “bug” you.

1. Want to finish college, but time, money, and concentration is hard to come-by.
2. If I go back to mainland US, after I graduate, would I get a job.
3. Why NU is not AACSB accredited.

I am gearing towards Electronic Customer Service since I think that where my Job is going so I really can talk a little about it, since it is becoming a trend in today's businesses. But any comments or suggestion is welcome.

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