Sunday, February 28, 2010

During the first week of this class we posted writing assessment onto why we choose the degree program we are in. I mention I want to be a successful business owner. As a business owner communication is very critical if you want to be successful. I could have enumerated all the highlight of our books just to answer Ms Jennings question but that will be just pure academics.

Although I learned a lot of simplification and wordiness in a paragraph, the best that I absorbed from this class is about the tone of how you write. You might not hear the words that are being read, but it impacts on how the reader perception regarding the author. In this “tone”, you can identify what kind of person is the author.

My performance did meet or exceed my own expectation. Nobody could understand my first draft of my research paper, and with peer group review and wonderful critique, I was able to turn it around and make every one in my peer group understand what I am talking about in my research.

If I have to take this class again, I will definitely make sure that I will follow all the assignment instruction, because some of them, I fail to analyze it correctly. Finally, I think I have shown enough development to achieve a grade of “A” for trying my best.

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