Monday, February 15, 2010

ENG240 2nd week update

To date, my concept of explaining things have changed. I always believed that the more words that I used to describe anything are better. But this week I learn about wordiness and how to simplify sentences benefit the communication. By fewer words to digest and understand, the communication will actually flow faster and more efficient.

Well, another part of this week is my research paper. I am having a hard time finding resources to back my research. This research was harder than I thought. Maybe, the research is not reported yet?

Oh discussion #8 was funny and Euphemism is actually part of our lives especially this era. You better not offend somebody otherwise they might just sue you. Sad to say, I’m guilty of that too. I'm sensitive to anything that tries to make fun of the job that helps me and my family stays alive. Military help me bring food on the table, pays rent, and become part of an organization that is so called superpower. Help those oppress and put safety to people that don't even appreciate freedom and to some it’s idiotic and soooooooo funny. But when something went wrong about security and bad guys need to be dealt with, the first thing they blame is the Military. All I can ask is to give them a break guys, please don't generalized things that apply to one person’s mistake. We benefit from their service. They volunteer to serve; we are no longer in the age of being drafted. And if you think you are better than them? Then by all means join them, they might just need you. Maybe you won’t falter when bullets are flying over your shoulders and.....OK.OK. I will shut up now.

And one last thing. Hope you get well soon Professor.

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  1. Abner:

    That must be frustrating, to have people make fun of such an important job. I'm sorry to hear that. I, for one, am grateful for your service.

    Regarding wordiness: I'd be interested to hear why you think wordiness is so common among student writers. Why do people think more is good when it comes to writing, and why are they wrong? I'd love to know your take on this; maybe this can be your next entry. :)